Friday, November 13, 2020

Rally to End "Warehousing" of vacant stabilized apartments

Despite the crisis of homelessness and the pandemic and all the anticipated evictions, many landlords are refusing to rent out vacant rent stabilized apartments.  Partly it's to pressure the State legislature to rescind the tenant protections that prevent owners from making huge profits by deregulating apartments or claiming false improvements, and partly it's to wait for adjoining units to become vacant so the two can be combined for a new unit with a new rent. 

Whatever the reasons, it's unconscionable at this time.  

Assembly Member Linda Rosenthal has proposed a bill to end this practice, and City Council bills are pending.  

So while the End Warehousing Coalition is having a rally in Brooklyn on WED., NOV. 18 - we're having a companion rally (masked and socially-distanced of course) in front of our building that same day at 4 pm.  Join us.