Sunday, December 14, 2008

Pot Luck - A lot of fun!

PHOTOS, Top to Bottom

Mekhi & Anthony

Sheila, Maria, Sal

Marlene below right; Maxine, Abe & Lydia =>

Brenda & Ruby, lef

Lavina & Laura right



SET-UP CREW AND DECORATORS Alitha Mobley, Flora Francis, Lydia Pitsirilos, Mary McLaughlin

GREETERS Ruth Ellin, Debbie Gonzalez, Celeste Hewitt, Shirley Johnson, Brenda Marshall, Delores Palleja and Marie Squerciati. They greeted people at the door and brought plates of food to some shut-ins.

POT LUCK PLANNERS Marion Kufert, Barbara Geller, and Mary McLaughlin, who joined Sue Susman.

MUSIC PROVIDERS Alisha Rieck Dopkin for the recorded music and Lauria Koulish whose piano playing and singing kept Sue on pitch.

CLEANUP CREW MEMBERS Sharon Davis, Andrew Dubin, Denise Lynch, Sean Lynch, Wyona Purcell, Cary Webb and friends.

And to EVERYONE who brought food, donated food, let others bring food (Ruth brought Lenore Richter's vegetables), and ate!

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