Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Call Gov. Hochul this Friday - and join us in the lobby noon to 5

The state legislature passed 4 tenant bills that Governor Hochul has not yet signed.  Since big real estate is opposing the bills, we have to exert our tenant power!  The Governor said she responds to data - so let's get her LOTS of data with LOTS of phone calls.  
We'll help you make the call, or you can
  • call on your own: 518-474-8390, then #3, then #1, and tell her "Hi, I’m a New York City resident from 10025, and I urge Governor Hochul to make this a happy holiday for all tenants by signing S2980, S2943, S1684 and S995 now! These bills will keep rent-stabilized apartments available and affordable statewide at honest rents, with known landlords."
Join our tenant association at the table in the lobby (volunteers welcome), and bring your tenant questions!