Saturday, December 9, 2023

Gov. Hochul just has till Dec. 22 to sign tenant bills into law!

We had a great afternoon in the lobby yesterday with 34 tenants calling Governor Hochul - on top of those who had already called on their own.  And tenants in other buildings and organizations are calling too!

We're starting to see some results:  On Dec. 8th, the governor signed one of the 4 bills we called about:  Now landlords will have to answer vacancy surveys sent by their municipalities. That will let those municipalities opt in to rent stabilization.

But 3 bills remain, so please call during business hours:

518-474-8390.  Wait for the recording to ask you how to direct your call.  If you want to leave a message, press 1.  If you want to wait to speak to an agent, press 2.

You can say

Hi, my name is _____, and I live in the 10025 zip code.  I urge Governor Hochul to sign S2980, S2943, and S995 now.  Thank you!

This will help all of us!