Wednesday, October 21, 2015

At the Oct. 21, 2015 meeting, Stellar promised . . .

At the Oct. 21, 2015 meeting between Stellar property manager Smajlje Srdanovic and building manager Niti Jakupaj  and members of the Central Park Gardens Tenants' Association's executive committee, Stellar promised to take care of many of the problems tenants identified. Click on "read more" below for the details. 

Stellar's promises (in alphabetical order by topic)

Photo by D.Sprauve

BACKYARD  - Stellar continues to await a NYC inspection to qualify for electronics pick-up. In the meantime, Niti will dispose of the other junk currently sitting in the backyard.

ELEVATORS - Niti will have the maintenance company, Uplift, do a full inspection of all 4 elevators.  If you know of specific problems, please write them on a requisition slip at the guard's desk in the lobby.  

CARPETS - Stellar is buying a new carpet cleaning dirt extractor to supplement the twice-a-year professional visits to deep-clean our hallway carpets. (The cleaner we had broke.)  The next professional visit is due in a couple of weeks - just before Thanksgiving. 

COMMUNITY ROOM - This is to be repainted, with the ceiling tiles stained by prior leaks replaced.  Smajlje asked Niti to get some new chairs and tables. 

HEAT - Stellar will raise the temperature at which their centralized computer program is triggered to provide heat by 1 degree.

LAUNDRY - Stellar will try to end its contract with Coinmach and use another vendor.  Coinmach's representative told us that there should be 1 machine for every 10 apartments.  But since we don't have the space for that many machines, the ones we do have are being used more and therefore wearing out more quickly.  So whatever the vendor, we will need new machines more often than every 7 or 8 years. In the meantime, the existing machines will stay where they are and tenants should notify Coinmach of any machines that are not working properly.

PLASTERING - Stellar will provide a plasterer to tenants who have leaks that have been repaired - without waiting for hallway plastering to be finished.  The hallway plastering will continue, and there will be paint touch-ups for those hallways.  Niti suggested the hallways might all be painted.  Stellar did not address actually remedying the repeatedly bulging walls. (Smajlje suggested it was the tiles, but in many cases the bathroom tiles have been removed and reinstalled over waterproof wallboard.)  

SECURITY - Our new permanent day guard (8 AM to 4 PM) is Thai., whom many of us know from his many hours as a substitute.  Stellar is instructing all the guards/doormen to call upstairs before permitting any outsider upstairs.  The front door is to remain locked unless the tenant or guard buzzes the visitor in.  

SIDE RAMPS - Stellar will repair the leaks that are damaging the ramps and railings, and replaster areas that need it.  "LOCAL LAW 11inspection is coming up soon.  If there is any dangerous concrete, Stellar will by law set up a "sidewalk shed" (scaffolding) to protect us as it does repairs.

VERIZON's CONDUIT PIPES -  To avoid vermin,  Stellar will have special exterminator visits to each compactor room.  Further Stellar will ensure the installed pipes are sealed temporarily until Verizon has completed its work and sealed the pipes completely.