Wednesday, October 7, 2015

What should we raise with Stellar Mgmt. at Oct. 21st meeting?

The Executive Committee is meeting with Stellar Management
on Oct. 21, 2015.  Click on "read more" for what we plan to raise.  What would you like us to raise with Stellar? (Mail specifics to Sue.)

Issues we plan to raise - so far: 
Laundry rooms:  machine breakdowns, cost, money cards not working.
Heat: When it's 55or colder during the day, it must be at least 68⁰ in your apartment. When it's 40⁰ or colder from 10 PM to 6 AM, it must be at least 55⁰ in your apartment. 
Plastering: Delays for in-apartment plastering;  repeated plasterings over corridor walls damaged by moisture from inadequate venting in showers. 
Hallway carpets: Need more vacuuming and shampooing.  Looking shabby. 
Water Pressure:  It is ok in your shower? sinks?
Front Doors: Should be locked when guards attending to work away from the desk.
Ramps from side doors to sidewalks:  Plastering, leaks, more frequent cleaning (urine smells there and on front terraces outside the trellises).
Pebbled Walkways on front terrace:  Pebbles end up on walkways, dog leavings.
Garage Entrance: Concrete dropped from neighboring building work 
Backyard:  Keep old furniture, electronic supplies, refrigerators, etc. away from 2nd floor balconies. 

Email us for your additions to the list.