Monday, March 14, 2011

Coming Wednesday: General Tenants Meeting!

Come to our 


this Wednesday, March 16, 2011

8 PM in the Community Room 

  • Report from the Real Rent Reform Campaign and how you can take action to support 
    • renewing the rent stabilization law before it expires in 3 months (on June 15, 2011);
    • putting into rent stabilization all the market-rate apartments in our building and rolling the rents back to what they were in January 2007 - by repealing vacancy decontrol
    • ending "unique or peculiar" increases permanently. 
  • Major Capital Improvement
    • how to calculate it (bring a slip of paper with your actual rent amount  - not including electricity - or click on: CALCULATE - not including lease renewal increases.
    • can you pay off the retroactive amount all at once? YES: Contact Stellar Management (ask for Francine Schiff's secretary): 212-406-0030.  Ask her to include the full retroactive amount in your APRIL rent bill.
  •  "Unique or Peculiar" case (we keep winning), and what to expect
  •  Elevators and more building issues.