Sunday, March 6, 2011

General Tenants Meeting - Wed., March 16, 2011

Come to a 


Wed., March 16th
8 PM - in the Community Room 

Get a copy of the Tenants Bill of Rights  that applies to ALL tenants (regulated and market-rate).  If the bill is passed by the NYC Council, it will have to be posted in every apartment building). 

We will discuss:

(1) The MCI (Major Capital Improvement) increase - which is generally under 6% of your rent stabilized rent.

(2)  DHCR's denial of Stellar's application for "unique or peculiar circumstances" increases in our rent.

(3) The Real Rent Reform Campaign  (on facebook and see the main website at ), including the Omnibus Rent and other bills.  
Please bring a chair and a neighbor!